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Hopefully pics by the end of the week 

Orchid Lady

Everyone's gardens look gorgeous, I definitely need some autumn colour in my borders as they look very sad now.  The Rudbeckia, is that one plant that has spread or more than one?  I was just wondering how much they sorted and whether I should get more than one?

Victoria Sponge

Great pics guys

Love Panda's rudbeckia and the osteospermum looks great too 



Chicky thank you for interest, we do indeed spend hours but actually this is a peaceful Tim. I just sit and watch the birds., let me see what I can show you

 Sorry about this chaos, the pictures have chosen their own way to go on, even an upside down one?

Beaus Mum

Oh lily pilly I'm more in love with your garden than ever 

Beautiful pics, love zooming in and dreaming I'm there 



These are lovely pix Panda and LP. I'm very impressed with how  you garden upside down as well Lily...

Love the huge pot under the arch.  Do you leave it as a big specimen in its' own right, or plant it up in different ways through the year?

and sitting 'watching' is one of life's great joys 


Oh Beaus mum I wish you were too, I could give you a fork and a trowel! Lol

i will try one or two more to give perspective. Meantime can anyone tell me why my photos insist in loading themselves upside down argggggh

Pot is actually an old urn which was nicked by someone long before us. There used to be a huge castle here and when it was demolished in the 20 s lots of stone ornament mysteriously disappeared but pop up now and then in the village must have taken an army to move it. We just keep it full of water will try the photos again later 

Beaus Mum

I would have no problem with that lily pilly, I like to earn my keep 

Sorry have no ideas bout the pics but their is old thread by Victoriasponge that is brill and may help you, I'll tryfind it for you and bump it to top of thread list x


Swoon swoon ..... Waiting more pics with anticipation.  Even the upside down one looks perfect now I have learned how to lock the screen of my IPad.  I could sit and watch that all day

Chicky you are saying all the right things but I had a lightbulb moment this afternoon when I realised nature gives us winter to rest

 The baskets and tubs still need watering and have had a seaweed feed to top them up. Hope the flowering lasts for family's visit in two weeks time!


Well, I miss posting for a while and look what happens! More beautiful gardens appear! 


Beaus Mum

That is a very good light bulb moment lily pilly  Your display of pots looks lovely and I'm sure if you keep em watered and fed they stiil will be beautiful when your family comes  I really like the hydrangea with the dark stems, so close to buying one this year but were very exspensive down here  Will go on my wish list for next year 




a couple of mine in whatever order they decide to appear! 

Hydrangea paniculata (for SgL) only one bloom this year.

rudbekia ( one 'normal' and one cherry brandy) with hebe (? name escapes me)

lobellia queen Victoria with pink cosmos ( not the best colour combo but there ya go)


Beaus Mum

Oh mrs garden another hydrangea I really want on my wish list, beautiful pics 



Love the hydrandgea pani-wotsit - only one bloom, but what a whopper.  And now i can see why Queen Vic gives you a smile that lasts all day

star gaze lily

MrsG, that bloom is lovely. Its very full. Although I have a few on mine they are not as full as that.

Love the Queen Vic, not heard or see it on my list 

Orchid Lady

Everyone seems to have lobelia and I thought it was a low growing annual until a few weeks ago  It's now on my wish list 

Love the hydrangea paniwhatsits too