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My original point was that the apparently random publication of a critical letter may be softening us up for some changes to come. One swallow does not make a summer (or whatever the correct saying is) of course and I do remember there being many complaints when the Toby years started.  It just occurred to me that there might be something planned. There has been a noticeable lack of Rachael and Joe recently, GW is now just Carole and Monty.  As many have said above, half an hour isn't enough to cater for all tastes.  Beechgrove adds a new element but it does overlap to some degree, there is no deliberate intention to cover different needs apart from slanting things towards a northern climate.  I think Monty is a brilliant broadcaster, very thought provoking and interesting but somehow lacking the common touch that Geoff and co. had.

wish they would do more to give ideas on what to have in a more 'ordinary' sized garden. I dont have Monty's acreage to have lots of different gardening sections - for instance, his new wood framed greenhouse is about the total size of my back garden! - I recall that Alice's garden was tiny in comparison but had an abundance of interesting planting? Joe Swifts allotment planning was also useful as was Bob Flowerdew's organic gardening. What do other forum members think?


Joe Swift's allotment planning was risible, but not a sstupid as his execution of those plans.  BIg mistake in my opinion.  I want a section on growing veggies to be done by someone who has relevant knowledge and experience and isn't going to be making bigger mistakes than most beginners.   They should have got Cleve West to do it rather than have him just hanging around occasionally.

Monty is getting better at showing how to do stuff but I still reckon it's stuff not many find relevant to their gardens.

I do so agree we need more gardening with programmes better focussed to wards particular audiences with all levels of experience and skill and different styles of garden and conditions.



The difference between The Beechgrove Garden and Gardeners World, is in my view; Beechgrove makes me smile and giggle, GW makes me tut and grumble



The music really annoys me, what age group are they aiming at? Dead people?

Being a born again gardener I enjoy both programmes.  I love the laid back attitude of Beechgrove and the accents, which remind me so much of the areas where I spent the happiest times of my childhood.

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