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I bought various climbing clematis last spring and planted them in the ground only to loose all of them when we had the constant rain last summer the ground was water logged for weeks.So at the Harrogate show (September I think) I bought another climber to try in a pot in the same spot has one that had been water logged, it was in flower at the time and about 4'6" it flowered none stop into December and it's in bud now and about 8-9' its a Florida var sieboldiana it has creamy white petals with a dark purple tuft of stamens and in autumn the flowers come out a very soft green with dark purple stamens, it's really lovely and it survived temps of -5 and 6 it's worthy of a space in any garden check it out at your next garden show you won't be disappointed.I'm going to buy more clematis this year because they are amazing plants.
Me and my girlfriend went to garden world on 14th we had a good day and exhibits was outstanding and we meet Carol Klein back stage and watch some of the celebrity theatre an they were interesting and informative and hope to go again
I have bought a Lunar Lass last year and it is so small that I have difficulty seeing it. I thought it was a climber but I now believe that it is a trailer is this correct. is this correct and should I re-site it and try to get it to grow bigger. I would appreciate any comment as I am new to clematis. thank you

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