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My Mum works in a Nursery with a pond, and there is plenty of frogspawn, although the main percentage of it is white. Does anyone know why the spawn is white, and if it could affect the frogs?
we may be moving and we would like to take our frogs with us as they have been here since moving in. The buyers do not want a pond and will be filling it in how can we move them?
Hi Sue I had some lovely golden spawn in my pond last year I put some into a small fish tank and watched it develop into gorgeous little frogs, then released them into the pond. Linda Atkinson
Hi Jess When I got home from work yesterday I discovered some 'Golden spawn' in my pond this is what it is sometimes called white spawn, I had it last year and not thinking I would get it again so delighted, I didn't really find out much about it but it does develop into frogs, just the same as the other, as I said to Sue I put some into a tank last year and watched it develop then put the frogs into the pond lovely. Some one said maybe it was affected by frost but no, I was hoping it would appear again and it has, the only thing I am worried about 4 frogs have been killed by cats and I am worried one of them was the one who laid the 'Golden spawn'.


Also the frogs from the 'Golden spawn are a paler colour than the other frogs only very slightly.
Ihave managed to raise some tadpoles to little frogs.Does anyone know what I should now be feeding them? and when is it okay to release them back to the wild?
Hi Simonne, I bought a bag of organic watercress on sale from Sainsburys and added the largest sprigs to our very small pond. I was very suprised when they all rooted as I thought they needed a fresh running stream. It is providing (inexpensive)cover for the tadpoles from the blackbird who will eat them if the pond is left unnetted. Alas it was too late for the goldfish who were eaten by a heron.
I was wondering if other cats will eat frogs, because we are growing frogs! (It is still frogspawn at the moment.)
We don't have a pond, so will we have to keep swapping the water in the tank to water from the brook for the minerals in the water?
I found 5 dead frogs on the patio near the pond last week. They appeared on 3 seperate days all positioned in the same place, all headless!..... does anyone know what creature would be inflicting this gruesome death on the frogs??
Please please help. I have a very good friend who has a phobia about frogs. She loves her garden and spends hours pottering but since frogs have appeared she is afraid to go out into her garden. I know frogs help in gardens but is there any way she can get rid of them (preferably humanely). She is even threatening to move house she is so upset about having frogs in her garden.
I had some toad spawn in my pond last year and then they all disappeared, will they come back to spawn this year? theres no sign of them yet..

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