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Still nothing at all. They are in the conservatory and other cuttings are growing but these still look the same!!
Oakley Witch
Oohhh dont give up folks...mine are up now but they took 13 weeks so dont panic. Ignore the wee buggers and they come when your not looking lol. I gave up on the first batch which had a stern talking too and a couple of days later...up they came. I think they smell the panic lol. They are very slow growing aswell.
Roy Hill
I found that it self-seeded fairly well. But a cold winter called 'fair thee well' in the end. My brief summation is that the species is not totally hardy to the full effects of the UK climate.
Oakley Witch

Hmmmmm. thats a thought to keep in mind then. Think I will keep some on the go for that reason come spring. Thanks. 


i've got some flowering from last years. I save seed each year and sow it in plug trays, and then just pop the plugs in where I want them. about 50% survive most winters.



I noticed my neighbour clearing a flower bed in her front garden the other day.

The 'soil' was dry clay that was like concrete, yet there were 100's of V.B. seedlings about 2" she was clearing. She bought 3 plants last yr and they've seeded all over the place.

Even 1 coming up in the fottpath!
I sowed seed in March and my plants are about 9" now

Good luck!


reading this post reminded me that I tried some verbena b seeds this year but gave up on them. I've just been to have a look again - could they be amongst this straggly crew?

 And if so what would be the next plan?


Did you ask for some seedlings, Pete8?

You could leave them where they are until next spring, if you need the space then pot them up into MPC with added grit. not till it's cooller though!

After a winter they always look dead but I just leave them be, cut off obvious tall dead growth and see what happens. They often come up from the base, I think some folk think they are dead, Patience is the game, but you will lose a couple.


Can't see anything resembling VB there, but at the far left you have what looks like lavender (with the thin slightly furry leaves) and several other seedlings look like they may not be weeds.  The group of 5 healthy looking ones on the right look interesting - I seem to recognise them, but can't think what they are at the moment.


Found another tray of seedlings hidden in one of my beds - complete with label VB! 3 sets of leaves each. How would I care for them now? Will they grow to anything for this or next year or is it too late?


I dug out some tiny seedlings from the cracks in my patio and they have grown on really well, They are now between 4" & 6" high & in 3" pots.

Trouble is I am not sure what to do next - do I plant them out in the autumn or leave them to overwinter in a cold frame? If I do leave them in a cold frame, should I pot them on into bigger pots or leave them as they are? 

Advice much appreciated 


Hi Ann - I'd pot them on once they've filled those little pots, and just overwinter them somewhere sheltered to let them get to a decent size for planting out in spring. The cold frame would be ideal. If you're in a sheltered area you might want to try sticking a few out, but they're likely to succumb to the weather before they get sturdy enough. 


Thanks Fairygirl. I didn't think they'd get this far to be honest, so I'd hate to lose them ! I think you're right, cold frame is the way to go 


Pinch the tips out so that they bush out.


Will do !!


These beautiful plants will grow anywhere and self seed like mad.No need to take cuttings just let the flowers go brown and the shake out the seeds and scatter.Prepare to be amazed.They look wonderful grown in a mixed border and last and last.They come in two sizes tall or short 'Lollipop'.Good Luck


Isn't it strange how some plants do so well for some and are so difficult for others. I have no luck at all with these. None of the seeds germinated. The instructions say they take their time and need hot and cold to germinate. Anyone got any tips? Can I sow them now for next year do you think?

such lovely plants. I'd really like to grow them for my border.



I sow thm in late winter when the cold GH heats up when it's sunny but is still very cold otherwise. This seems to work.


Tootles - I've grown from seed several times and had no problem, but I wait till May or June when it's warmer and they germinate easily. Once they're growing enough to prick out and pot on, I do that and then I leave them till the following year to plant out in a border.  I've taken cuttings from them too and find they take well. Overwintering up here is the hardest bit because of the cold, wet ground, so I just make sure they have a really gritty  medium to grow in. 

I'd try a few just now - no harm having a go although it's quite late. If you get a few growing, just keep them sheltered, pot on when ready, and wait till next year. They'll grow well then. I've got  a couple of seedlings which have come from last year's plants, so if you're stuck I could  send them to you. I sent some to Hollie hock last year. 

god the seed is like dust however last years sowing produced one plant which is standing tall at over six foot and looks fantastic.  this yeasr sowing i have a further four plants now in ten inch pots about two tall and will be planting them out at the allotment in their permanabt position this week

happy gardening