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I second the button mushroom how to please
What about button mushrooms? I have tried unsuccessfully to grow them but they just wont grow.
Button mushrooms please, We were sucessful growing them in a polythene bag kit, But failed (apart from one or two), with a box kit what did we do wrong with second kit, ? we started it off in the airing cupboard, following the instructions on the box with regard to watering spraying the box contents daily ect, but with a hand spray.?????
Great video, but was surprised to find out that they seem to be expensive to buy. is there anywhere whith in the uk selling them a bit cheaper than 20 quid?
Tell us where to buy them!!


I saw oyster-growing kits by in the local national trust shop this weekend at £12. I don't think they're in all NT Shops, but they do mail order. Quite a large box, so hopefully will produce plenty of mushrooms!

please tell us how to grow mushrooms. ( the button variety) pls...!!!

I found something on the web which said, a cellar, garage or shed,

Does it have to be dark for them?
I see a few people are asking about Button Mushrooms and I grow them successfully. If it helps anyone I have a guide for this -

There's a handy video that will show you how. It's easy enough. Hope that helps.

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