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Ah! give them a little more praise. They are beautiful and some are very fragrant, they don't need a lot of care and attention. Just plant them in a spot that's a little dull and you'll be glad of their colour and perfume when you're feeling a little low! Forget the fact they don't bloom for long when they do just make the most of looking at their beauty.
I love my peonies but this year something has eaten them i am so disappointed then you wonder if its worth it. Still there is always next year
No you're not,Ive loved them from childhood and had one of my own back then.I have two at the moment planted in the boarder last year they got battered and half drown all the growing season I had canes and ties but still the weather got them when they flowered.My soils not good its heavy clay, I think let someone else have the problems and I will go along and admire them,there's easier things for that space in the border with longer displays of interest because even the foliage doesn't last.
I love my ponies and make the most of them for the short time they are here but I would like to know why this year the flower heads are covered in ants
Peonies are gorgeous, but it takes some 5 years before they flower! But once they start flowering, they will do so every year, even in heavy clay as my garden has. Even my peony trees flower. The first one after 5 years, the second after 7, the third had its button frozen of and the fourth disappeared. They do seem to like bad weather. In all the years I only had the luck to see them flowering for more than a week (in 2003). For the moment, they are waiting to open their flowers.... when it will start raining again. PS. The foliage stays until september in my garden...


I disagree! Although they are relatively shortlived, they give so much pleasure in the time they are in full bloom (approx 4-5 weeks). I LOVE my peonies and wouldn't get rid of them for the world.
Ants are necessary to get peonies' blossoms open. The ants eat through the outer-skin covering the blossoms. If you don't have ants at blossom time the flowers won't open properly. are a beautiful plant that only grow with time.
My peonies must have known I've been talking about them, no flowers on one which did flower last year and the other one the flowers look like they're shrinking. Called at my daughters today the one I gave her in a pot did have 2 flowers coming on it a week ago only has one now and thats a bit small. But what I said in my first blog about admiring other peoples, well Thursday I called in on a friend and her peony is nothing short of magnificent, so at least I can say I've seen one this year. Has for mine one more year and then they're off. Do you think they will make the compost smell nice?
Interesting comments everyone. I've often seen ants crawling on my paeonies, especially over the buds, but didn't realise (as Marie says) that ants were helping buds open in some way. I always though the ants were moving aphids (mainly blackfly) onto my plants, and then 'milking' them for their honeydew. I know they do this on other plants, too, and the ants protect the aphids from predators in the process.

I also agree with Gail... in many ways I'd rather enjoy paeonies in other gardens rather than give them space myself. My 'Bowl of Beauty' is being rather crammed out by neighbouring day liies and geraniums anyway, so perhaps I'll just let these take its place... although the site of 'Bowl of Beauty' in perfect full bloom is to die for!

I love peonies. I have a tree peony which this year had over 20 blooms on it - big, pink and beautiful. They lasted almost two weeks and gave great pleasure, now the other peonies are coming into bloom, including the superb "bowl of beauty", which is always worth waiting for. It has been an excellent spring for my peonies here in the Midlands. Wouldn't have a garden without them, and when I have no garden, I will have at least one pot of peonies!
It seems then that I may have to wait patiently for another 2 years before my 3 year old tree peony flowers? I really like the foliage anyway so I suppose thats not so bad!
I have a gorgeous 3ft mature pink peony in my allotment that has flowered for the 3yrs I've been there. Its a magnificent display of 30/40 blooms kept together in a tall basket affair. I would like to move it to my home garden this autumn/winter will it survive the move or can i split the root. Any tips/advice would be appreciated.
I have just be mulching my beds ready for the winter. I had a beautiful deep red bush type (rather than a tree) peony hiding partially under a shrub. I have decided to shift it - the tubers fell into 3 pieces which I have replanted in different places. People say peonies don't liked to be moved, but I have accidentally moved peony tubers twice and they have sprouted and flowered within the next year.I love the smell of peonies and adore the deep red pink colour. In my street they appear to flower gradually over 4 weeks from the bottom to the top of the street (I live in the North East) I like the idea of an upside down metal hanging basket as support as they do tend to flop about - any further tips for a novice gardener?
Peonies are my favourite flowers, for the scent and majesty, although at said their flowers do not last that long. But hey, they still are gorgeous. What I would like to know is how to grow them from seed as I have kept them from last year.
I moved to my new home 2year ago! & found a peony in a tub which didn't look like was doing much & was pot bound! I took it of the pot n planted it a border getting sun from 8.30 am to 3.30pm but the problem is its not flowered yet but has grown & has established its self well! why does it not flower?

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