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1. I bought Mint and planted it in an area that few other things grow in. It started to invade next doors garden (I bad) but then it started to appear in my lawn and in borders metres away. I dug it out but now it is in 3 beds all coming up vigoursly, even though I keep strimming it. Really one to avoid.

2. I tend to leave seedlings in case they are something interesting. I know have to battle creeping clover, Bittercress and Crab grass...

3. I need to start grouping plants for impact. Am too much scatter plants here and there, where there are spaces instead of thinking what it will look like with time.

We really enjoyed the home-grown chives from our garden. Then they flowered and we discovered they were grape hyacinths. 


What do they taste like Berkley? Not poisonous I guess as you're still here.


Planted Golden Leylandi s a nice little tree in little garden .Now about 20 feet and to expensive to get cut back.




or did they taste like grapes nut.....

It was some time ago - but I think they must have tasted like chives! Nobody ever commented - and I use lots on salads...


Grape Hyacinths are edible, but taste nothing like Chive (obvs onion like) - Grape Hyacinths taste like sourish green grapes...I suppose it will get lost in a salad but not something to go wild for!


My worst mistake was not stopping my late husband when, on learning his cancer was terminal , he decided to make our half acre garden "safe" for me by planting ten, yes ten, Yucca gloriosa plants all over the garden, near the paths.  That was 24 years ago.  I have had various attempts to keep them from spiking visitors with the family's help ever since.  They flower to about 16feet twice a year, June ans at Xmas but the spikes are lethal.  The thought was lovely as we live in the middle of a huge housing estate but the work the thought has caused has been tremendous.  i should have said NO.

Keyser Soze

Fairygirl, yes we ate the croissants but not with the peas!


...Marion, you have my sympathies... I had to get rid of two of those although they went to a lovely home... was a nice gesture of your late husband's though... he meant well...


Marion- but can you smile a bit now while you're also cursing them 

Keyser S- I notice you left the peas and not the croissants....


I'm a bit of a 'hack it back and see' gardener and on a few occasions have regretted it. I had a go at a berberis too late one year and missed all the lovely golden flowers the following year - but at least it recovered. I had a varigated 'something' climbing the front of the house which looked so vigorous I thought hacking it back to the main stem wouldn't hurt - now it's just a stump and because I have no idea what it was I can't replace it


I'm waiting for GG's input to this, she always makes me smile.



Think she's away on hols again KEF. I don't know-these pensioners - always gadding about somewhere...

I really ought to go and make the dinner. Been busy drawing up plan of plot so that I can redesign and now I've stopped I can't be bothered moving again.


Suppose I'd best give thought to food..cold left over beef, chips & salad...soz I'm deviating on my own thread.

I have another "daft thing" to post but need to look the weeds name up..get back tomoz. 


Berkley... loved the 'chive' story


As suggested I waited to see what appeared in our "new" garden the first spring. I took great care not to weed out the unusual plant I found all over. Can't find it's name, had slender flat stems and a small cute brown bullrush growing from centre. 

Really pleased with myself until Dad called in and said I needed to get all those weeds out before they spread. Any ideas what they were?

Also had a brainwave and put house bricks in base of some very large terracotta pots ( didn't have any polystyrene) to save on amount of Levington No3 needed. Fine until I tried to move them!


At least they don't blow over in the wind then KEF! I have to do that out of necessity.

Those would probably have been rushes - you get them where it's wet especially if it's boggy and wet. Was it a roundish brown head? They're very common up here.