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Thought you would be able to get some from a GC but a lot are clearing out ready for spring

You can plant some, but more prone to disease I understand. Lot of people just bung in what they have.  Last year I was a bit late so frosted the bulbs by putting them in fridge for couple of weeks, had that hint from internet!  BF (before forum) I think they can come out small though.


Thanks, Bjay. I will give it a go one way or another.



Not sure when central heating started-this was the time of coal fires paraffin fires and immersion heaters -no breakfast telly just music on the radio with a man every 10 minutes telling you the time time -I had to catch the 8.10 bus or would be late for school-that would mean missing assembly which was a complete no-no-and you were in trouble

Glyn -that sounds like fun-will you be posting reports from the front?

Never grown garlic-it seems very popular

I wonder if it is time to pack in medicine??



Right, whilst I still remember:

Becks- you still need baking powder coz the 'rise' in SR flour deteriorates the longer the bag has been open.

Geoff- I caught the '4 candles' too- much sniggering to daughter's annoyance.

OH just said that he didnt realise that the presenter was that old. I said but they're all dead. OH referring to Chris Packham.

I can remember walking on the tops of frozen hedges. Somewhere there's photos/slides of Dad, who was a shade off 6', standing in a path through a snow drift well above his head.

Anybody remember liberty bodices? 'B' fiddly rubber buttons. Can remember Mum getting me up the road, steep hill, in a blizzard one winter & was wearing one- no idea how I know that but I just do. I dont think 62/3, as was old enough by then to go to school on my own. Our school didnt close- typical- OH said his in Shropshire/Welsh border did for 2 weeks.

Right, enough rambling from me. Daughters' order for seeds need moderating. J.


BTW we've already had one power cut this evening, & the lights keep flickering so will sign off now.

We had no central heating 'til '68. shiveringsmiley J.



Here on the Island the school closes for power outages; the bus doesn't run if it snows; the high school  boat doesn't run in windy weather, and the school closes in snow if it gets deep enough! On a windy, hilly island, it's a safety measure--as acting head, I've had to close twice. It's a nuisance, because if the kids are there, we have to make sure everyone gets picked up before the staff can leave--lots of phoning! Luckily the school is very small. We also have a phone notification tree. The school boat will return early if necessary--kids can pick up school work here.

Pennine Petal
We got central heating in the early 70s I think, it was coal fired. We lived in a council house and we had to move out in 1974 when they refurbished and put in new central heating which was gas.

I certainly will report from HK. Most of the students choose English names when they are in school. Last year I had Ghost, Dreamy and Kenix!

When do you leave Glyn and how long does it take to get to base?

Pennine Petal
Leaving Wednesday around lunchtime, will get there mid Thurs afternoon. Going via Dubai this time, will go A380 part of the way. more room for my long legs! Got about 3 hours wait in Dubai though.

I remember skating on the local lake in Surrey and tobogganing down the hill at the end of our road, which went uphill to the church, in 63. I also remember Cliff Michelmore on the Tonight programme, he lived not far from us and was very tall. Daddy always watched Tonight when he got in from work and we weren't allowed to talk to him before it was finished. I didn't have a liberty bodice but we wore vests and thick grey knickers.


Don' t fall asleep in Dubai as one of the forkers did and missed the flight


I didn't have a liberty bodice, I had a horrible yellowy woolly vest which itched - didn't wear it for long, as it was too uncomfortable (I still can't wear wool next to my skin) and then I had lovely smooth cotton vests. 

Dubai airport is more like a shopping mall than an airport, from what I remember. 

Pennine Petal
I willbe with 2 others, so hopefully we won't all fall asleep. I hate the travelling bit, I am Always exhausted when I get there. Iwill have a lie in on Friday morning.

It's very built up there but lots of planting along roadsides, little garden squares dotted around the place and some nice parks. I went to the HK flower show once which was close to the hotel.
Pennine Petal
I wore white bri-nylon blouses for school and a crimpilene skirt!

I had a navy gaberdine mac. You can't get them any more.

Since that 1963 winter at least outdoor clothing has improved considerably. 

Inka, that makes sense - to close the schools when it wouldn't be safe for the kids to travel or to be there. There has been some unwarranted criticism of teachers about the school closures here yesterday, but when travelling conditions are getting worse as time goes on it makes sense. 

Must go to bed! 


Pennine Petal
Me too Pam, we called it a Burberry, I suppose it had something to do with the company but we just used it as a generic name. Double breasted with a belt, I think. Wore it with my Tuf shoes for girls.

Goodnight all, It is time for my bed. Sleep well all.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

No snow last night. The wind seems to have dropped too, so it feels less raw than yesterday. But we've got light snow forecast for the whole day. Not good.

I like to put my seeds in the propagator mid-February, which I regard as the beginning of the start of Spring. Only 25 days to go.

Pennine Petal
Morning, looks like just the 2 of us so far. Still in bed thinking about getting up. Lots to do, but can 't seem to shape myself.

Morning Gary and Glyn.

Leisurely start, have been reading over breakfast. No weather yet. Remaining snow is very crunchy. Snow unlikely to reach us here, I think.

Jean Genie

Morning lyn and Gary, Had a lie in this

morning. Peeked outside and the snow is still there . Thought we were in for a thaw yesterday but according to weather forecast, we are due more today. i tried to post a link from A.O.L. yesterday but ended up with just a few words. They were saying that we should all be prepared as there was more snow to come.

Gary. I also start my seeds early Feb but have some seeds outside in pots that I've been told need to be chilled. Astrantia , which I collected myself so I'm hoping for the best.

Glyn - I can't seem to get motivated either. I'm blaming the weather.