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Wind up merchant, FFB - oh dear, has it all been yuk?

Oh chicky - you don't wanna know!! 

Happy reading 


Chicky, dont bother reading!!!!! Start from here instead !!!



Took dog for a walk this morning but had to turn back when he started 'skipping'. That is such an improvement on not being able to walk 

Some tulips and alliums came yesterday, the plan was to plant them today, containers at the ready, but so damp and yuk out there I think maybe not.

Still I have some seedlings that need potting on and the begonias to wrap up so I won't be bored.

Also want to go blackberrying (nearly over) as daughter and partner are coming for dinner tomorrow and I thought I would make Foragers Coconut Crumble (apples, pears and blackberries) from various places in the area. (not the coconut though )

Now to attempt to catch up


I wondered what WUM meant too.

Matty, so glad dog is feeling better.

Still raining. Don't seem to have done anything except look at emails, and book RyanAir for flight to England in the Easter hols. More expensive than I thought.



i stopped redaing the silly WUM posts yesterday, then it all became very silly so have come on for a peak and found it;s back to normal,(cake, jobs, weather, people being kind to each other),So I posted.

Thanks chicky!  Silly me - I should've  got that one!!  Rain on the brain I reckon,

but now the sun is shining here in Dorset and all is lovely again.  It's really good

as a newcomer to this thread to read all the (mostly) happy and friendly posts.

Will visit again soon if I may?

hollie hock

Dampish day here, probably not going to do too much, been out and peeked at the seedlings and the temporary greenhouse...........cats discovered it last night so have pulled off a bit of the polythene, hopefully they fell in and realised that it's not to be walked on!

hi flowersforbees, we've not met but I have enjoyed reading your thread about growing wildflowers, I love growing stuff from seed and try to grow plants that all have some benefit for insects.

I'm not a regular poster on this thread........... generally can't think quick enough to keep up!

WUM get everwhere, I just ignore them. Looking forward to the dancing tonight

Its fine holly. We don't all keep up with everything. Just say what you're doing is fine.
star gaze lily

Hi shed done, looks very posh. He thinks its his well let him think that for a few weeks and then i'll gently take over 

Hi flowersforbees and hollie, nice to meet you. Time for another cuppa see you later

hollie hock

Hi lily.......... must go and do something constructive before strictly comes on

Hi Evryone - very pleased to meet you all.  Hollie glad you liked my wildflower

thread.  Will be updating it soon as I have lots of wild primrose and cowslip

plugs to plant in my wf garden.


Just in for some lunch. Been busy and it's quite pleasant out there today. Will need to get more compost/soil for filling my beds . Lovely to be thinking of planting a bit now rather than constructing. Got lots of bulbs to go in pots too. Alliums, crocus and reticulata iris. I bought some white Dutch Iris which flower in summer. Anyone had them before?

Hollie I was planning a similar 'trap' for any cats which think my new beds are their personal toilet.. I have some fine netting - might stretch that across the top 


Oh gosh, yes, thanks Hollie, it's Saturday again, Strictly Come Dancing

Lucky here, cowslips grow wild all over the place, they seem to like the limestone. I think French farmers here can't spread the weed killer about too much. Also, whenever they have fallow ground they sow wildflower mix all over it, really beautiful some years.



How wonderful, B-L, farmers sowing wildflower seed.

Here when fields are left fallow they are sprayed at intervals to make sure no life persists

Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes, what a lovely idea to sow wild flowers. What if "set-aside" came with the obligation to sow wild flowers...WOW  


We seem to get more wildflowers left on the verges here than there ever were in the past - but never seen a field - that would be spectacular


Many, many moons ago I promised a picture of the red squirrel I saw in Jersey last weekend - so here goes ....

 I was so excited - never seen one before!

Looks a bit like MsB


Chicky that's a great pic.


Ah Chicky that's lovely.  I'm lucky enough to live on the doorstep of a red squirrel reserve managed by the National Trust.  Regularly get reds in the garden on the bird table and one runs around the garden burying things   Haven't seen a grey squirrel in years and if one turns up here it has to be reported....