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I do not believe it....  I spotted  a biggish slug sunbathing, promptly reached for my trowel and chopped it in half, then was amazed to see the head half take off at a great rate of knotts.

can slugs regrow ???? surely not!

Peter,  had you been drinking?  How do you know it was sunbathing?  Did you see a beach towel or sunbed?

Could it have been a reflex thing?  I've always assumed a sliced slug is a dead slug?  Not Australian/new zealand,flatworm?


Eeeew! How far did the head get?



Gross but I'm bent double laughing at the image of sunbed. Next time stand on it and see how many places it spreads. Now I feel sick.

The potty gardener

KEF must admit I do sometimes put the ball of my foot on and twist as you would if you were extinguishing a cigarette.

Gardening Grandma

Me too - when I'm not chopping them in han't be much funu being a slug - maybe this one got its own back!!

John Harding
flowering rose wrote (see)

if worms can why not.

It's a myth that a worm cut in half will become 2 worms; both halves will die and all you will get is 2 halves of one dead worm. Info gained from Qi programme when Alan Davies got the big buzzer when he answered 'you get 2 worms'


I watched some info on Springwatch this year about slugs and snails. Mostly pertaining to mating habits, but nothing regrows.

They get around on a muscle that is just like a giant foot and they are both sexes, tending to do it with each other at the same time. Also, the boys bits come out of their heads and if they get tangled up, which can happen, the other slug or snail simply bites off the offending item... and they don't regrow it.

After that, they get to just be the girl.

So, that information has made me less stressed when I chop them in half with my secateurs because they are probably not feeling much pain as we might..because other bits and pieces get bitten off all the time...right?

Relax ever seen any slug "scamper"?

Verdun, this head half scammpered believe me.

I suppose being chopped in half was like losing a couple of stone in the sluggy world.

he was definetly sunbathing, because at that time of day he should have been under his rock dreaming of  scoffing my little lettuces all in their pretty row. GGrrrrr!!!

ps. the head didnt get too far.......whak!


John H- you're right!!

No never seen a slug scamper Verd - up here they must get about on motorbikes if the chomp rate's anything to go by...


Wintersong, for once I don't know what to say. Boy bits and heads..urgh,,              Oh I can think of a few things to say but best not  naughty KEF. I'll think a few mins before submitting this..thought and yes enter.

Must be weird I'm loving this thread

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