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Just to let you guys know,Mike sent Theresa (Mrs Fish) a box of chocolates to cheer her up.I picked it up from the Post Office today. I've known Mike for barely three weeks (or the rest of you lovely people),and yet I'm bowled over by his compassion that has left both Theresa and myself deeply touched.I've honestly never known a forum as friendly and kind as this one,and I've been on a few in the 14 or so years I've been on the internet.


He's a good soul isn't he? You're  right - many very good people here. 

David K

Wow! That's an amazing act of kindness, Fishy....especially when seen that in the context that it's just a forum.

I'll say an extra prayer for him tonight.



He is a star isn't he   I do hope he's doing ok 

And I hope that your wife is feeling much better now. 

I'm so glad to hear your comments about this forum Fishy - I think I've made some real friends here 



I don't know the story behind this thread, but I certainly agree with the above comments; there are really good people on this site.


Busy Bee2

I wish we could do something for Mike.  I was thinking that if I lived near him I would pop round and offer to cut the lawn or weed while he is out of action, but of course I'm miles and miles away.


I was feeling the same Busy Bee .............. 

A nice thought BB............I'd think the best everyone could do for Mike is just to listen and support.......he seems pretty hardy to me and he certainly enjoys the support of most forum posters. He'll be back telling us stuff before you know it ..........I'm sure

Busy Bee2

I do hope so Philippa - it's been a rubbish weather day here for gardening, but in a good moment, I saw this and, much as I'm not really a believer in celestial things, I


hoped it was a sign to say Mike's operation had gone well.


BB2............looks  a  good  omen to me  .

I confess, digging over my new allotment this pm, I would have welcomed such  a sight............but alas, just wind, wind, wind

Mike's well out of it today.............he'll bounce back............without a doubt.


Hi peeps, yes hopefully the op went well today and he'll be back posting very soon.

Dove - many thanks and she's getting there,still in some discomfort (doctor-speak for pain) but it will take time.

artjak - Mike pmed me after I said about Theresa having her op.He asked for my real world address so he could send Theresa some flowers.I mentioned that she couldn't have cut flowers in the house because she is asthmatic,and suggested chocolates.So there it is and send them he did bless him.

Busy bee - I'm sure that is a sign and a beautiful picture too.

Busy Bee2

Fishy, that is lovely.  Does anyone here know Mike's real world address?  (not expecting anyone to post it obviously, but wondering if anyone knows).  I'm sure if everyone on here who cares donated a couple of quid, we could buy him a flower shop!  There are that many of us.


I know he lives in London,does that narrow it down?   Seriously though Busy Bee,I don't but I'm sure he'd let you have it once he's back on the boards.

Busy Bee2

That there London!!  Big place.    Doesn't sound like anyone has any clues.  Shame we couldn't surprise him with something though.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Busy Bee 

Just sent you a PM ref this, probs not very helpful though...


star gaze lily

How very kind and thoughful of Mike, Fishy.

Best wishes to you and your wife.


Bumping this up so Mike sees it when he's well enough to join us again 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Bumping this up so Mike sees it when he's well enough to join us again 




Busy Bee2

Please could all contributors to this thread check their message box as I have sent an important message about Mike to you all.  When I sent it the first bit came out as computer gobbledegook, but please scroll down, and then it should make sense.  Pansyface, Hostafan and donutsmrs, it wouldn’t let me send to you, so if you would like the message, please PM me and let me know how.  If anyone would like to receive the message, but I have not sent it, please PM me and I will be happy to send it by return.   I apologise that I am out from about mid-day onwards for the rest of the day and evening, but will be back online tomorrow.  Bee xx