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Beaus Mum

Sorry for late thank you, at work today 

Thank you Victoria sponge for the seeds that were waiting for me tonight 

Beaus Mum

bekkie I wanted the cosmos! You'll have to grow em for me  Xx


Seeds gone of to Victoria and garden girl, hope you read Nutcutlets tip, thank you for that. I will put them outside for now.

Bekkie thats fine and Beaus mum, I think I have more of those cosmos.

Beaus Mum

Oh Lyn that's lovely, I'll pm you more addy if that's ok with you? 

Ps I loved your pic change yesterday, it made me laugh my head off! ( the sexy girl one) 



Ok, me dear,  I will look for seeds tomorrow. Yesterdays pic! I thought that as someone else was posing as someone they were not, No reason why I couldnt, but then I 

 had an email from Kylie herself saying that wasnt legal! (That bits not true, she didnt write to me)


star gaze lily

I didn't see the sexy girl one....who was that lol


Me when I was younger, (last year) looking just like Kylie Minogue.

star gaze lily

Oh missed it, did you have it as your should put it on camera thread


I would be shot at dawn Lily, copyrights!


Just seen this blog so here goes.

Dug up all the summer bedding plants as they are going over and looking untidy. 

I bought one packet of general flowering seeds which lasted the whole summer. 

Very good value for money.  I had a succession of beautiful flowers.  When one lot finished I had another to replace it.  (You have to remove the earlier ones to make way for the new.) 

I found lots of wallflower plants that I grew from seed and simply popped them in the ground for them to grow on.  They were hidden by my lovely summer bedding plants.  Now I've rediscovered them I've put them in the places I want them to flower and watered them in well.  (No need to buy any this year which is good).

Will spend the money I've saved on more spring bulbs. 

Managed to get a lavender from my local garden centre (The Dutch Nursery) on a special offer and going to follow Gardeners World tip (very good video) on how to take cuttings from a Heather plant.  That way I'll have loads of plants to grow on in the spring.

I believe gardening teaches you to be patient and the rewards are worth waiting for.  (An excellent approach to life in general I believe.)

star gaze lily

Lol Lyn, misunderstood.....thought you meant one of you! 

Lyn, im happy to split the cosmos with BM if you dont have any more

Its ok Bekkie, theres a never ending supply of seeds here! you know how it is.

Lovely post there Arty,

Your garden sounds lovely, perhaps some photo's later?

My wallflowers had been in a couple of years and gone a bit leggy so I did cuttings, they are ready to go out now, I have acid soil, which they dont like so I make a can of limey water for them.

I cant grow Lavender here, its too damp and windy, cold as well but I do love it, I buy the odd pot in Morrisons just for the season, the bees love it.

The whole gardening thing is very therapeutic, as you say, teaches patience  care and love.

I have sent you a PM about the plants.Thanks you.


Big Big thank you to Garden Girl for the Hebes, they are beautiful xx

Thank you so much to Victoria and Star Gaze Lily for all the seeds you have sent to me. I am well set up for next year now. Lovely! I am so pleased.

If I have forgotten anyone along the line, please chase me up!


SGL, thank you so much for the seeds and the beautiful card, really was a lovely supprise!

No probs Bekkie, some more gone off in post today.

They are really beautiful GG thank you.

star gaze lily

Glad you got them Lyn and bekkie......postie was quick. 



Lyn aconitum seeds arrived today. Thanks. Been busy hedge trimming and collecting seeds, not finished the seed bit yet though.