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Beautiful shots of the dragonfly! But I don't believe they sting...


Yes, you are right. I checked the Internet and learnt something I didn't know before

Gary Hobson

A few snaps from the wild part of my garden, all taken yesterday.

I often get a bag of Basics range dog biscuits. It's only £1 a bag, and a bag last for a couple of weeks...

These only come for the drink (the upturned dustbin lid, at the left)...

This one was sniffing around plants in a herbaceous border, helping to keep my garden free from slugs...


The first sighting of one of this year's baby blackbirds.


Oh figrat! I met mine this morning too!

Here's my arty contribution

 It's a fat one!

I had to go to my parents after these shots were taken but later in the afternoon, hubby showed me where he had gone to, he was sitting on my fence being fed by Daddy all afternoon!



P.S Gary Hobson, how lucky you are! Thank you for sharing.

Kate Bradbury

Hi everyone, what wonderful photos! Please do keep them coming.

@gardeningfanatic, did you know that the beetle pic you put up is of the very rare oil beetle? Buglife would love to hear from you as they're trying to find out how rare it is. Link here

And for those of you lucky enough to have bumblebees nesting in your garden, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust would love to hear from you! This will help them learn more about where bumblebees nest, in order to save them. Link here



@Kate Bradbury, thanks for the info! 'll look into it

Our garden has hosted roe deer families for years. They give birth to and raise their fawns here with each new generation returning to do the same. Unfortunately the last family only raised a single male fawn so we haven't seen them this year apart from occasional browsing visits.

Here's Dad, he was having a kip beside the compost bins.

 We have foxes too.



 And slow worms, here in the compost bin.

Kate Bradbury

Amazing steephill! Gorgeous photos


Bats too! Although I practically X-rayed this poor bat with the flash. Not easy trying to photograph bats at night in the rain.



Gary Hobson


I love all your photos, especially the young foxes.

It's an achievement getting anyway near many of these animals, let alone getting a good photo.


Amazing photos steephill

I am rubbish at taking Wildlife pics as you will see

I noticed these spiders yesterday

 I am worried about this beautiful Bee - it was on the same flower for a very long time yesterday I haven't been down to check yet if it is still there today


All your pictures steephill are just lovely. Here are my baby sparrows being fed, I stand for ages at my kitchen window watching the birds.

Here they are having a bath.

Awww! Aren't we lucky?



Good work everyone! I feel honoured to have wildlife in my garden and to enjoy your  incredible shots from your gardens

Wow! Can't believe you all have such wonderful wildlife in your gardens. Mine consists of the odd bird and next doors cats. I'm not so good at taking photos either. Great photos.

Fantastic pics, would love to see loads more


Wow! guys thanks for all the pictures.. loving them..they are so good...keep them going.. cant believe some of the widlife you all h ave on your doorsteps..

@wintersong.. that dragonfly is absolutely beautiful

@kate bradbury.. thanks for the info will do the link.. also do the bumble bee one too. as they are back again this year i think. here are some i took today usig my new trupod got for xmas.. now arm is better can finally use it.. not had time to upload all of them but some to keep going.