How to make a cone-shaped hanging basket

Find out how to create a stylish, cone-shaped hanging basket in three easy steps, with the help of this practical guide.

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Not all hanging baskets need to be the regular, upside-down dome shape. A contemporary twist on the hanging basket, these striking aluminium cones make a real statement, yet their chic looks belie the amazing simplicity of their construction.

The aluminium sheets come in a variety of textured finishes and are easy to cut and bend, so a whole clutch of cone hanging baskets can be made in under an hour. For a similar twist on the traditional hanging basket, spring-flowering grape hyacinth can be used to create a stunning hanging muscari ball.

Discover how to make these chic, cone-shaped hanging baskets in our easy-to-follow guide, below.

You will need

  • 1 50cm x 100cm aluminium sheet per cone
  • 1.5m of thin galvanised wire
  • Felt pen and string
  • Metal cutters and a small bradawl
  • 50cm x 100cm piece of bubble wrap
  • Ivy and ferns to plant


Cut a piece of string to the length you would like your cone to be, and tie the pen to one end. Stretch the string from one corner of the metal and draw an arc from one edge to the other.

Cut along the line using the metal cutters. The protective covering of the plastic film should be left in place until you've finished. Roll the metal into a cone so that the edges overlap by 1cm.

Use your bradawl to make three evenly spaced holes along the join of the cone, piercing through both edges of the overlapping sheet. This is much easier than it sounds, as aluminium is a soft metal.

A contemporary twist on the hanging basket, these striking aluminium cones make a real statement.

Secure the cone with short lengths of galvanised wire, making sure that the ends of the wire are left facing inwards.

Make four evenly-spaced holes around the top of the cone. Thread generous lengths of wire through and twist to secure. Form a hook with the other ends.

Before planting up the cone, line it with a layer of bubble wrap. This will act as insulation to stop plant roots baking if you hang the metal cones in direct sunlight.


Water your baskets regularly

Water your hanging baskets twice a day during summer months to ensure they don't dry out.

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