10 Steps to Long-Lasting Hanging Baskets

10 steps to long-lasting hanging baskets

Discover how to keep your hanging baskets looking good right through summer and beyond.

Preparation is key to achieving perfect, long-lasting perfect baskets.


It’s not the only important factor, though. Aftercare, particularly watering, is crucial to the success of your baskets. They’re prone to drying out in hot weather, so will need regular watering to prevent the plants from losing too much water.

If you can’t commit to regular watering, consider planting up hanging baskets with succulent plants like sempervivums, crassulas, echeverias and sedums.

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Check out the 10 steps to follow for long-lasting hanging baskets.

Hungry plants will also benefit from a weekly dose of liquid plant food such as tomato fertiliser.


Choose your style

Choose your style of hanging basket, either one that has gaps for side planting or a top planting-only version. Larger baskets won’t dry out so quickly.



Improving inexpensive baskets

Can’t find a basket you like? Buy an inexpensive woven hazel basket and paint it. Choose an outdoor paint in a colour that complements your basket plants.



Planting your basket

Rest your basket on a bucket or pot to hold it steady while you add the liners, compost and plants.



Provide adequate drainage

Cut holes in the plastic liner to allow easy drainage. Some baskets come ready-lined, or you can easily make a liner yourself using an old compost bag.



Retaining water

Some baskets come with built-in water reservoirs at the base. Alternatively, pop a small plastic saucer at the bottom of the basket to hold on to water.



The right compost

Use a good quality multi-purpose compost, for example a loam-based compost, and add perlite to help with moisture retention and drainage.



Feeding your plants

Add slow-release fertiliser granules and distribute them evenly. Hungry plants will also benefit from a weekly dose of liquid plant food such as tomato fertiliser.



Positioning plants

Position tall plants in the centre of the basket. Place trailing plants around the edges and in any planting holes in the sides – as they grow they’ll gradually disguise the basket.



Watering your baskets

Water once a day, or more if it’s hot or windy, and make sure the compost is completely soaked through.



Deadheading fading flowers

Deadhead fading flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooms throughout the summer.


Be creative

Hanging baskets are usually transient displays, so take the opportunity to be creative and go for bold colour combinations. You needn’t stick to bedding plants, either – perennials can be added to hanging baskets then planted out in the garden or potted on once the display is over.