Crops to harvest in September - tomatoes

Crops to harvest in September

September the month for bumper harvests - here are some crops to harvest this month.

September is a bumper time for harvesting, with many crops reaching their peak.

Gluts of some crops are almost inevitable - here are some ideas for preserving your harvests.

Discover seven crops you can harvest in September.



Harvest after the leaves turn yellow and the stems bend over. Carefully lift the bulbs using a fork, and leave to dry in a warm, dry spot for two weeks before storing. Discover how to store onions.


To determine whether an apple is ripe, cup it in the palm of your hand and give it a small twist. The apple should come away easily. Find out how to store apples.

Runner beans

Pick beans regularly. If they are stringy, pick them when they are small and tender. 

Autumn-fruiting raspberries

Autumn-fruiting raspberries can be picked up to the first frosts. Either enjoy fresh or freeze to enjoy during the winter. Cut down all of the canes in February.


Tomatoes should hopefully ripen this month if they haven't already - if they're still green, remove the foliage so that the sun can get to the fruits. Watch Monty's guide to harvesting tomatoes.


Courgettes can crop prolifically, so if you're facing a glut, pick them when they are tiny, as baby vegetables. Keep on top of your harvests, otherwise you'll have marrows seemingly overnight. Watch Monty's guide to harvesting courgettes.


Maincrop potatoes are ready to harvest from late August into October. Wait for the foliage to turn yellow, then cut it off. Leave for a week or two before digging up. Leave to dry for a few hours before storing in a cool, dark place over winter.

September is a bumper time for harvesting, with many crops reaching their peak.


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