Sweet vine grown tomatoes

How to grow the tastiest tomatoes

Discover five ways to improve the flavour of your homegrown tomatoes, including tips on planting and feeding.

Bland, shop-bought tomatoes aren't a patch on the flavour you can get from growing your own at home. But even in your garden, there are several things you can do to make them tastier still.

Find out all you need to know about growing tomatoes in our tomato Grow Guide.

Much of the final tomato flavour you get depends on when and where you grow your tomatoes, as well as which variety you choose.

If you prefer a sweeter tomato, then it's worth growing one of our tried and tasted varieties with the sweetest flavour. The care you provide while growing is important too, which will both improve the flavour and increase tomato yield.

Get your tastiest crop yet with our five top tips on improving tomato flavour.


Sow seeds early

Sow seeds early and grow the plants on under cover to extend the season. Read our tips for sowing seeds early.

Plant in full sun

Plant tomatoes where they get plenty of sun. The number of daylight hours that a tomato receives is more important for boosting yield than heat.

Use grafted plants

Try grafted plants, which have a more vigorous rootstock and will be more productive.

Feed weekly

Feed plants once a week with a high-potash fertiliser when flower buds to encourage fruits.

Remove sideshoots

Remove sideshoots and pinch out the top of the plant when there are three or four trusses so that growth is concentrated in the fruit, not the plant.

The number of daylight hours that a tomato receives is more important for boosting yield than heat.



The sweetest tomatoes to grow

The sweetest tomato variety we have tasted is 'Rosada', a baby plum variety. Find out more about the sweetest tomatoes to grow.

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