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Job of the week

Grow dahlias from seed

Colourful dahlias make a welcome addition to the late-summer garden and will continue to flower until the first frost. While many dahlias are grown from tubers planted in May, you can also raise them from seed.

Takes just 20 minutes


Step 2
  • Deadhead winter-flowering pansies and bedding plants
  • Divide congested herbaceous perennials
  • Prune winter jasmine to cut back flowered shoots

Fruit & veg

Step 3
  • Cover soil with cloches to warm it for early sowings
  • Finish winter pruning fruit trees and soft fruits
  • Cut stems of autumn-fruiting raspberries to soil level


Step 4
  • Plant summer bulbs
  • Maintain frost-free conditions
  • Bring pots of spring bulbs into the greenhouse

Around the garden

Step 1
  • Knock heavy snow off shrubs and conifers
  • Place rabbit guards around trees to protect bark
  • Firm down plants lifted by frost or wind rock