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Hi all,

Im a little late starting with my new garden this year as we moved house last year and have a new addition to the family. Anyway this weekend is my week to kickstart things - even if a little late.

I have six 6ft fence pannels that I plan on growing agianst - So far I have allocated, Runner Beans, Climbing French Beans and Sweetcorn. Any suggestions for the other three?

The plan is  im going to sow / set small 3ft roes of veg infront of these climbers, just set with about half a dozen Veg, and plant a row each week to spread growth.

My Veg Garden is not huge, but it give me something to do on an evening to get some freshair after a long day in the office.

Any pointers greatly recieved.


When I had a much smaller garden than I have now, II grew mange tout peas up plastic pea netting and sticks fixed against a 6 foot panel fence.  They cropped really well. Good luck.


there are the climbing peas. I use alderman, very good cropper. You can tie a cue in to strings from the plant to the top of the fence. Squash can also be made to go up, but you may need to support the fruits. You could put a block of sweetcorn infront of any of the cucurbita family \(cues, courgs, marrows, squash) as they like a bit of shade through the day.

oh and congrats on the new arrival...................

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