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i'm new to growing fruit bushes and would like some advice on how to build a support for them. I've got canes and string, just lack the knowhow.


Whaty sort of fruit bushes?

1 Gooseberry, 1 blackcurrant and 1 raspberry ( planted others but they didn't take)


Gooseberry and blackcurrant are bushes and will be self supporting you don't need to do anything.

As you only have one raspberry -just build a wigwam or three canes to enclose and support it and tie the shoots to that-that should be sufficient



Depending where they are you might need to consider constructing a fruit cage around them next year because there is nothing more disappointing than watching your fruit swell and ripen, waiting for the perfect moment to pick then going out and finding ONE gooseberry left!


Thanks for the advice. Very helpful

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