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I have moved into a new house and have what I think is a fruit bush they looked like blueberry but the leafs are different in pictures I have seen online

does anyone know what they are


Can you post a picture Julie?


If you've tried posting a pic and it didn't work, try reducing the size.  There's a limit on here.



That looks like a blackcurrant bush. 


Hi Julie  I  suspect that may be a Ribes sanguineum, the Flowering Currant which has attractive pink blooms in spring and then has seeds which are very like culinary black currants but which often have a whitish bloom on them like blueberries. They're very popular with birds. 

The bush was full yet the birds did not go near them I will have to wait and see if it flowers

thank you all for your help 

do I need to prune it as it's huge !!


You don't have to prune it unless it's outgrown its space or is old and needs renovating.  If you decide to it do so immediately after flowering as here 

The birds will take them when they're ready for them ... then you'll find little ones popping up underneath where the birds have roosted 


But beware if you bring flowering branches into the house.  They smell like cats!


It's one of those Marmite smells ... Some love it, some hate it. I'm in the first group 

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