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This year I've noticed that a lot of my strawberries are growing with multiple lobes. Does anyone know what might be causing this. The variety is Elsanta.



It may be due to pollenation problems due to low temperatures at flowering times.


That would make sense considering the weather we've had recently. There's not much I can do about that

Looks viral. The fruit is deformed. Is it an older strawberry bed? Are some leaves deformed/crinkly?

Elsanta is poor variety for a home grower bred for shelf-life and to travel well. For home growing I think you can't beat 'Marshmellow'. Your plants are way ahead of mine,you must be in the south or growing under protection. Ugly berries? Who cares you've grown them!


Quite right, I'll eat them anyway, and maybe it will deter some of the freeloaders on the allotment!

I can't see any problem with the leaves, and it is a fairly new bed. Most of the plants were put in last year and some are just runners off those. I grew Elsanta because they were available and I know they have good flavour, but I've since learned that they are not so good for resisting disease etc. Maybe I'll look out for others to try.

Also you are right, I am down in (at the moment) sunny Somerset.

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