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I've been offered sweetcorn plants. I do like sweetcorn and the plants will be composted if I don't have them, but I don't really have room for them. I was wondering if I could plant them between my sprouts and sprouting brocoli? The ground has had lots of rotted manure dug in and I can reach it with a hose so the shading of the brassicas is my real concern.

gail collins

i dont see why not they dont take up a lot of spreading room as they are tall xx



I've never tried it, I 've heard you can grow squashes under sweetcorn. Brassicas don't mind a bit of shade. Give it a go and let us know!

I grow sweetcorn in a polytunnel at a spacing of about 45cm each way. They cast little shade and the bush tomatoes,basil,chillies and cucumbers in between  don't seem to mind. Though the corn does need a helpiing hand with pollination.


Thanks everyone!

I'll give it a go. If tomatoes and chillies can cope with the shade then brassicas should be OK. 



They're in! Just nine and currently tiny (not that I'm complaining as a gift of free plants is almost always a good thing) so hopefully the brassicas will grow a little before they get shaded. 

I'm wondering if the corn might help keep the pigeons off.

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