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Hi could eny body tell we what are the best tasting tomatoes plants to grow please As I have jest started up

For growing under glass?-heated or unheated?-or for growing outside?


I think the sweetest cherry one is Sungold by Thompson and Morgan and I like Dona for a big one. Apart from that it's hard to say because I live in France and the varieties are different. I grow both inside and out, but the Sungold sometimes cook in the greenhouse when it's very hot here in July and August! But I don't suppose that's an English problem. The very best tasting tomato I ever tried was Ananas which is Pineapple in English but it was a sorry looking plant with only 3 fruit.

chilli lover

I grew Sungold this year for the first time (in a greenhouse) and it is indeed incredibly sweet - will grow again this year. As the panto dame says, need to know about more about your planting options (oh yes we do )



Eh-but Jason you have not answered the crucial question-where are you growing these?

I don't have any luck with toms they ripen to late or die off what am I doing wrong.?

Tracey are you growing outside?-always in the lap of the gods



Your confusing everybody Jason

Well I jest want to know the best tomato to grow iv a wall mounted glass house and not much room so need to know the best ones to grow especially with the rain that we have

Have you tried a hanging basket variety like 'Tumbling Ted'? They are very sweet and productive, however growing in baskets actully takes more care and attention as they soon dry out and need regular feeding.



There are hundreds of tomato varieties-I have grown Shirley in the past

Get a good F1 variety for growing under glass and you will be fine

But do not sow for at least 2 months

Yes panto dame outside growing so do I need a greenhouse.

Should have asked Santa for a greenhouse

You can get plastic grow-houses quite cheaply they will last a season or two a bit longer if you are lucky-perhaps an option?