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I've never had success with carrots. However, a few months ago, a friend had some young plants left over and gave them to me. I planted them up in  potato sacks, and watched as they slowly grew into lovely verdant leafy tops. A couple just started to flower, so I thought its time to start eating fresh lovely carrots! I pulled a couple, and underneath - nothing!  Just a normal plant root. Healthy enough plant root - but definitely not a carrot! So, before I start again, because, as it was going 'so well', now I' ve bought seed, what did I do wrong? I planted in potato sacks in compost mixed with sharp sand with added vitax fertiliser. Watered as normal and added a bit of pelleted manureas they grew.


One thing I don't do with carrots is feed them with anything. They grow in 50/50 gardensoil/sand mix. Never had a problem yet !


Have to agree Scuby- they don't like too much nourishment. When you sow seed it should be in ground that's not had recent improvement. Seems strange when you feel you're helping doesn't it?  I used to grow them in little troughs of ordinary compost, didn't do anything special to them and got great little crops. Have to be cruel to be kind is the motto! 


That carrot looks like a cosmos.

 you don't normally transplant carrots. You sow seed and then just thin them.

What do the flowers look like?

 carrots that go to seed have white umbels, but by that time there is usually a woody tap root.


Are you 100% sure they are carrots?  The form and foliage look very much like love-in-in-a-mist (Nigella) to me.  Carrots have a separate stem for each leaf, all of which come from the top of the carrot.  Your plant seems to have a single stem with leaves emerging from it at vaying heights - that's exact;ly how nigella grows.  

Edit - or Cosmos as FB said - difficult to tell until the buds appear.

BTW, carrots don't transplant well - always best to sow them in-situ.  They send down one very long thin root from the seedling which eventually swells into the carrot.  This very delicate root invariably breaks if you try and transplant, unless you sow them in root trainers or loo rolls etc.



Carrots don't transplant well at all.  If they were quite sizeable they would simply have made top yours have.  Feeding will have made no difference.  Watering may have though, so did you water them WELL when you fans planted can sow seed now and I would water the drills first before sowing and water after sowing.  I would cover with fleece


Should have said, I only sow in situ like the others for the same reasons which have already been mentioned.

Does that mean you only sow carrots when you're sitting down?

I am a silly billy!

Ok. It's now a possibility that I haven't been nurturing carrots after all!  The flower is shown below. The stems seem to be  one leaf to one stem though. Don't know what colour a carrot flower is but there you have it. Hmm. Wonder if a certain friend of mine is currently having a bit of a giggle!!



Yes I think your friend is having a larf.  That looks like a fine specimen of cosmos to me

The time I've spent looking after these  Now what nice young plant can I 'have too many of' I wonder


Now you need to pass something to your friend and play dumb! I must admit I didn't look too closely at the picture- schoolboy error. At least you know you have some nice flowers!

Scuby I hope you're going to sow your carrots though now that you know what to do !!


Here is a picture of a carrot gone to seed. I left it to provide flowers for the hoverflies. It was in the onion patch. This year its the courgette patch.




i must say for some reason this year i have had very poor carrots.

well so far anyway .but my second sowing seems better.

same with spring onions very poor....


Morning David, I have similar problem ! My beetroot and radish seem all leaf wonder why, my 6 yr old grandson can't wait to eat what he has grown, but its very disappointing ant tips ....

Thanks everyone for the carroty advice. All these years geardening, and never really tried carrots after a couple of failures donkeys years ago. Never grown Cosmos either! Got potatoes, spring onions, beetroot and mooli growing between the fuchsia, pelargoniums and sweet peas etc. ( Real ones, honest -  I sowed them all myself!), and all seem to be doing ok. after a very late start. But then I do live in the frozen North. Lancashire. And its nor raining!!


It was a late start to the year but everything is catching up just fine now here in the emids.  I'm seeing some unusual combinations of flowers though - still have foxgloves just coming into bud while the delphiniums are in full bloom!  Tomatoes weren't sown until good Friday and are now looking the healthiest they've ever looked in the GH - many fruit but none quite ripe just yet. Brassicas romping away as are the onions.  The carrots and parsnips went in very late so don't expect decent size roots until much later in the year, especially the parsnips - won't start pulling those 'til Christmas morning.

hi joy,yes my radish are the same be ok if you could eat the leaf..

anyone know why

Been eating carrots for few weeks now nd they are so sweet.  Better than sweets, etc.  and my dog loves em too.  

Carrots are easy if you cultivate a good depth of soil and it has good humous content.      Fresh manure or compost is not suitable,but the year after it has been applied is fine.  Clean, stone free, well drained friable soil,is perfect.  And a fleece cover at sowing time and until harvesting ensures good healthy carrots

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