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i have covered my driveway in these i have 2 spare and have been thinking of ideas how to use them without just waste using them they are approx 2.6m long each. my ideas so far have been stepping stones but would only use 1 if i made them very chunky, a 60x60x30cm raised plant bed, like totem poles type things, hollow them out as plant pots (which i have done to a few off cuts) and post for a bird table.


any ideas much appreciated 


Chunky bench/table for the garden? 

4thpanda if they had been untreated oak sleepers then yes but these are the old old ones with creosote and the other good wood preservatives.


thanks for idea

like the sound of the totem pole with nice colours

you could make a raised bed and add lots of pretty flowers

and the table

hollie hock

Great to have some good quality wood to make stuff out of, maybe a planter/raised bed



its nice too have some spare wood like you have id be tempted to make little mini sort of beds like 2 foot wide then the sides 1 and half foot  so they cross on the ground then plant them up with lots of bulbs cas it would be deep anothough also some ground cover like ivy dripping over,then summer any thing,can i see your drive?

any chance of a pic of the drive, i cant visualise what a sleeper drive would like.

flowering rose

raised flower bed box or veg.or seat covered in camoille.

cheers for ur suggestions guys

Mini raised beds it is. might then have 3 in total out of different materials like old pallets. 


Singy its not completed yet but all laid down once it is ill post pic 

Clueless erm no lol mine i like sleepers in fact love them.


Flowering garden interesting idea the seat with the camoille 

clueless the tar and that all came out f the sleepers in the summer and still smell but bonus i actually like it brings back memories from a steam train journery i had.  maybe get some pine next year and paint them brown,


Afraid that they won't be any good for raised beds etc as the tar/creosote they're soak in will kill plants that come into contact with or are planted close to them.

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