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Lovely photos!

Wow - you give me a huge amount of hope!!  I have a similar sized garden also on an estate and started it from scratch last year.  Your garden is amazing and I sincerely hope mine looks that good in a few years time

hollie hock

Thanks for the photos Lavender lady, I'm in my 2nd year of my garden redesign, it's great to have look back at pics to see how much things have changed.

To weejenny and Kate- my lawn has all but gone. It now takes longer to get the strimmer out than to strim and I have great big beds ready for loads of new big plants.

Wondeful photos, and thanks for sharing them with us.    We moved into our house just over two years ago, on an estate, and the garden is small like yours.    We decided to start from scratch, and had everything removed except for two shrubs!   We took out the lawn too - unless your garden is big, there isn't really room for one.   Now my garden looks so well established, I really believe it is much better to start from scratch rather than trying to work around what is already there.

Tegan M

That garden is absolutely gorgeous Lily. I have a bare plot with clay soil and you have given me hope that one day it will be something lovely


Wow! that is amazing. 

Why is it the cat always wants to sit or lay in the plant pots? mine do it all the time, I planted some ornamental grass the other day and they both hopped up in the pot for a nap!

lovely always nice to see before ,after is beautiful enjoy

Lavender Lady

Thank to all the kind coments about my garden.  Yes it is good to look back at the before pictures and see what you have acheived.  It has been hard work but we enjoy it so much.  It is like an extension to the house, we are always out there, pottering about - trouble is just cannot sit still in the garden I can always see something that needs deadheading, a pot needs water etc.  Not complaining - I love it.

Tricia b

fabulous garden, I love it, really inspirational. 


LL your garden looks perfect. What more can I say! I particularly love the pergolas.

Do you have any more photos of the garden as a whole, perhaps taken from an upstaris window, as this may offer me inspiration for when I do my redesign.

Many thanks, and well done.

Loads of love and passion put into your garden lavendar lady. I think my Labrador would miss the lawns if I got rid of them though. And I have to grow my veg. I'm the same...I take a cuppa n newspaper outside. But soon see something to do
Lavender Lady

I can take a few more photos LeadFarmer and put them on, you will be able to see the structure a bit better now as everything is losing its leaves.  We did not intend to have two pergolas but we ordered them via the web and wanted the large one to go over the patio near the house for privacy.  When my husband began to put it up he noticed that we had been sent  a smaller size.  Obviously he downed tools and we sat in the garden drinking a cuppa and I had the bright idea of putting the smaller one coming off the garage and then we order another larger one.  As we had already paid for a larger one we then only had to pay for the smaller one, if you get my drift. 

Hubby was not sure it would look right having two together, but I persuaded him and I think they look ok.  So not every thing is planned, some things just happen accidentally. 



Gorgeous garden Lavender Lady. I also started with a blank canvas 17yrs back but lacked any plan, much to my dismay.

My garden is also 100ft long, so it's taken a wee while to get to the bottom. Every year sees improvements and if I can mimic the lustre and panache of your plants and designing, I'd consider myself blessed. Well done!


Hi Lavender lady fabulous garden and the pets must be a theme!i started with lawn and deck 9 years ago and through many changes ended up with the last pic

These wonky scanned pics show where i have made a start in taking up the lawn and i hated the water feature that ran uphill!!



 still got other plans to complete but enjoyed the sun last week x



We've removed the big tree at bottom on right and the purple eryngium at front on right this week.  I'd love to know how to add more pics like your original LL- I don't seem to have the space in the reply window.


Lavender Lady

Beautiful garden Budlia, looks so pretty.  The pets look happy.  I also have a westie, and two black cats. 

It is so good to look at the before pics because you can forget just how much work you have done over the years. 

Well done.

gill barker

its beautiful and the kitty i'm just starting from your first picture quite enthusiastic at the moment its my first garded although i have an allotment

Love your pics Budlia. The animals look very laid back, I have a cat. She was snoozing on the lawn at the weekend, she would have let me mow over her if I hadn't picked her up and moved her.  


Just taken said dog for walk and got almighty drenching which we did need-sorry garden not me and westie.  All the digging the last week showed that the ground had dried very well in north east Lancs hopefully there won't be puddles in the morning  get new specs for reading small print on seeds and brochures too.


lovely pictures..just shows with a little imagination and hard work what you can achieve.

and welcome back wintersong.