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can anyone let me know if azeleas would be ok in a hanging basket in an area which only gets a small amount of sunlight very late in the day dont have a garden and want to brighten up my  balcony as i live in a flat if not any thoughts ??


Hi Steven - I don't think an azalea will like a hanging basket.  Fushcias sometimes do alright with a bit of shade - otherwise why not try with foliage plants like ferns and ivies?


Hallo Steven, I agree with chicky, also, azaleas only flower for a short time in Spring. Can definitely recommend fuchsias, there are some lovely hanging ones, ask in your garden centre. They won't mind a bit of sun in the evening.


The Indian Azalea may tolerate a basket as long as you water it assiduously.

thanks to chicky swisssue and blairs ill try some one of your reccomendations 







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