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Begonia Corms


Can anyone tell me if Begonia Corms can be divided? I have some that I have now grown for four years and they are a big as saucers! I have to start them in Buckets as plant pots are not large enough anymore

Thanks in anticipation of some advice


I have divided begonia corms .....slicing in half and they grew just fine.  Not my greatest interest, begonia corms, but I made sure each half had plenty of shoots on them.  They quickly heal and grow away if kept warm amd moist,in my experience. 

Grow only the Begonia firecracker type now 

dads passed away, he was g greenhouse mad, its full of stuff that i'm trying to make head or tail of,all thats in it. there is a large tray marked begonia tubers, i've scrabbled through it but there's little or nothing there. iremember him saying one day, the begonias he'd ordered had arrived and that they were too small, could ihave missed them?


They would probably be dried up and gone by now, they should be planted Feb/march time. 

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