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Okay, I'm an enthusiastic gardener, but not a very good one.  I bought a damson tree in April to plant in our new garden.  I discovered ground elder in the bed it is going in, so held off planting it in the ground.  I put it in a bigger pot meanwhile.  It flowered and had lots of lovely leaves but I think I perhaps didn't water enough (before all this hot weather) and it has slowly lost all its leaves bar two which are looking decidedly ill.  I've watered regularly since I noticed my probable error and daily in this heat and have put it in the ground now in a different place to give it the best chance but I think I've killed it

Is there anything I can do?  Thanks in advance!



Buy a new one in Autumn and plant it in the ground. Meanwhile clear the area its going to go in with weedkiller.


Try scratching the bark on one of the thinner brancjes, If tit is still green under the bark then the tree is still alive and may eventually recover. If not then ..................sorry.


Thank you for your comments!  I'm grateful for the support even if it is dead

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