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My attempt at creating a wild flower type meadow is failing! My first mistake was clearing the ground and then sowing "slow growing" grass. The grass grew like topsy! So then I tried digging out patches of turf and planting reasonably established plants (a mixture of wild flowers and assorted perenials. I have been strimming around the patches to try and give the plants a chance. I have just done a stock take and about 50% have survived. Can anyone suggest perenials which would thrive in grass. By the way I tried yellow rattle seed £10's worth but none germinated. I have also grown about 6 varieties of wild flowers but they are still small and I dont know what they are as they were from a packet of mixed seeds. I suspect the majority are oxeye daisy.



Yellow rattle needs to be sown in autumn. It never fails for me. It's been sowing itself for years now. 

Other reliable ones are lesser knapweed, Centaurea nigra.

musk mallow, Malva moschata.

Meadow geranium, G. pratensis

and various vetches and vetchlings, some of which are annual but seed from year to year

Field scabious to a lesser extent, it's there but doesn't increase much



Marjoram is doing very well and the butterflies love it

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