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I have been garnening a few years now and trying all sorts of things in my greenhouse, but I want to start propagating new plants from the ones I love in my garden, does anyone have any tips on good websites for searching plants and providing propagation meathods.

I have some 

Trifolium Ochroleucum" but can not find a lot of information on how to Propagate more for other parts of the garden

The RHS site is always worth a look - search for your plant and there is usually some propagation information.  However, in this case there's not much there, possibly because it is an unusual plant and not commonly grown.

Trifolium ochroleucum is a form of clover and is usually grown from seed.  Once it has flowered, wait for the seed heads to form and then collect and sow in trays.  You can probably divide them too;  Check how it grows - if it has more than one stem appearing from the ground, it can be divided.  If it only has a single stem then dividing obviously isn't an option and you'll have to wait for seeds.

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