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Why is my hydrangea not flowering each year is the same ????? 


What sort of hydrangea is it, where is it growing and how are you pruning it?

I used to be given ordinary mophead and lace cap hydrangeas which flwoer on wood produced the previous season.  trouble is, that wood in my garden gets frozen solid and dies so I only ever had new stelms and foliage and never any flowers.  If you are pruning the old wood and buds back each year you won't get flowers either.  Mopheads and lace caps also like some shade from strong sun and moisture at the roots.

I have now discovered that hydrangea paniculata forms do well in my garden and it doesn't matter if the old wood gets frozen to bits as they can be pruned back hard each year and flower later in summer on new wood.  Paniculatas can cope with full sun and drier soils.

Both types need good fertile soil so make sure yo're feeding and mulching too.

Obelixx I have a Paniculata Grandiflora bought this year. Is it pruned back in springtime?

Yes, after the worst frosts and when you see new growth starting.


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I have hydranga s , I trim them back around March/April time after the frosts as obelix says. I leave the flowers on all winter and cut back to a new shoot. I have been lucky and always get a good show of flowers. I recently bought the paniculata type, so I hope i'm just as lucky with this one. It looks more delicate stems to me but hopefully it will be ok. The flowers on this one are particularly beautiful. 

The paniculatas obelixx said......can be pruned as hard as ??ou like and prob best to go for.

Lily, me too. ,tempted by a new variety of paniculuta but need to identify perfect spot first.  What variety did ??ou get?

Raymond.....could be few reasons why your,hydrangea doesn't flower. ....prob as already stated but they need good moisture to do well.  If it's dry there it won't flower. 

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Oh Verdun i'll have to look on the label, which at the moment I cant find!! I've put it in a 'safe' place! I'm sure we all have one of those! Its a very white flower which has now turned pink. Its not limelight that I know. Will find label later and let you know, i do have a box with the labels in, hopefully its there!

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Found it Verdun,  its a Vanille fraise.

I have that one and it's lovely and copes with my winters which is even better.  I've also just bought Phantom which stays white and Pinky Winky which, despite the dreadful name, is a lovely deep pink.  The growers of that one are probably connected  to the ones who named Mega Mindy, another lovely hydrangea with name issues. 

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Will look those up Obelixx, I like white flowers, I do have colours but mainly white with soft pinks or the odd pale yellow rose.  Or of course daffs in spring. Am looking to get some ornamental grasses which are a deep pink but prob the wrong time of yesr now. I am now also rambling on z hydranga thread sorry 

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Just looked those up Obelixx I really like the phantom and pinky winky. Will look out for those. Thank you 

Obelixx,  good timing for me to read your view on those varieties.  If you could  recommend your favourite which one would it be?


I just bought a couple of white, oak leaf hydrangeas which have beautiful foliage colour just now. There's a house near my old one with a big sloping,shady front garden and it's full of what looks like Hydrangea 'Limelight'. They just glow - a great big wad of them! I should try and get a pic of them if I'm near there soon. Very attractive greeny/white flowers- it's a paniculata type. Did consider it for my shady borders. May get one as a specimen.


Verdun - too soon to say.  Phantom and Pinky Winky were only bought and planted a couple of weeks ago so I don't yet know how they do in our winters.   Vanille Fraise is doing very well and so is Mega Mindy, both planted last autumn.

Thanks obelixx.  I will go for one  of them soon 

An update, just in case.  Vanille Fraise has coped with the gales a lot better than Mega Mindy which is now looking distinctly naked and sad.  VF still has flower heads but not a lot of foliage any more.  T'other pair have only been in 3 weeks but still have flrower heads depsite being blasted by the winds and rain.

All 4 have a distinct lean now so have been given a stake and a support ring to prevent further lean and root rock.   They will be pruned back to shape next spring, after the worst of the frosts is over.

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