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We have the below the tree/shrub in our garden and have no idea what it is. If someone could please let me know that will be great as it's lovely but I don't how to manage it.

Thanking you in advance.




It is  purple leaved Cotinus [ there is also a lime green one ]

It will have a haze of fawn flowers which ii why it is sometimes called the smoke bush.

They can grow large 2-3 metre by 2-3 metre.

Can prune hard in winter, but then will not get the flowers, but bigger leaves. I like the big leaves so prune mine very hard.


Did not know they could be pruned hard. Loppers at the ready for autumn!


I wouldn't do it at the beginning of winter, I'd leave it til late winter, early spring

Thanks for the identification and the tips on pruning. I quite like the flowers so won't be pruning it too hard but it does need to be shaped so some gentle pruning will commence next early spring. 

Thanks again. 


Thanks Alan.

It is indeed a lovely tree. Has to be one of my favourites in the garden. 


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