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Ok my gorgeous Iris have now finished flowering, I was wondering what to do now! My friend gave me these a few years ago and this is the first time they've flowered for me. She has since lost hers, probably with all the wet weather we had last year. I said I would divide the ones she gave me to give her some back. Should I cut off the flower stalks to encourage more new growth at the rhizome? and when would be the best time to divide?


Take off the seedpods before they form (if that makes sense?  I know what I mean ) and give the plants a sprinkling of Fish, Blood & Bone, because it's how they are now that will give you blooms next year.  

Lift and divide in late summer.



Thanks DFAb, I thought it might encourage growth rather than seed production if I cut it off. Just wanted to check what other experts would do, I've never grown the bearded iris before! .


They're beautiful Rodgy -d aren't they. I take the flowering stem off once all the flowers are done but otherwise exactly as Dove says. Wet ground's the killer for them right enough.I divided some earlier this year as I was unable to do it last summer but it just means I won't have the flowers on them this year. It gave me the excuse to go out and buy a few more 

Hope you continue to enjoy them in future years.

Fairygirl wrote (see)

They're beautiful Rodgy -d aren't they. I take the flowering stem off once all the flowers are done ...................

That's what I meant - didn't I say that? - sorry I had a lie-in - brain still asleep 



it's ok Dove- it's just you age!

I  took spent flowers off my NIght Owl yesterday and because it had been wet it was like ink all over my hands! Fortunately it comes off- amazing though 

otnorot but just call me Bill

Slide your hand down the flower stalk to the bottom,now pull/bend stalk down to the ground. It should have snaped off at ground level,this is the way the pros do it. If it didnt snap off then bend it the other way.


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