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Hello. May I please ask for advice on whether this is a weed (see photo).  I planted some seeds last year, but my memory being sieve-like in the extreme, I forgot to label them and inevitably have forgotten what they were.  I now have these ‘plants’ (pictured) in all the places I recall planting the seeds.  I strongly suspect they are weeds that I have been nurturing and not whatever plants should have evolved from the mystery seeds I planted!  Hope you can help. Many thanks in advance.


They look like Sweet Williams to me-is that possible?


Oh gosh, yes, it is possible!!!  Thank you, sotongeoff!  I'm off to get my labels and pen : )


If they were appearing on Britains Got Talent, then they would be getting 3 yes's.

They certainly resemble  Dianthus plants,if they were sown last year,then they should flower this Summer & reveal their identity.



Thank you for the responses.  Yes, prompted by sotongeoff's response, I finally remembered being given the seeds as a gift last year!  I'm chuffed that I'll be treated to some pretty, fragrant flowers fairly soon, instead of having to fill the gaps left behind by weeds!  Thanks again.

Purple-red thin stems, elongated green with pink glow leaves, small pink budded flower heads, has grown to about two foot - is it a weed. And if so what is it, as I have idea?


Thank you chilli lover - seems they may have come from some imported top soil after having a driveway laid. They are in a small bed at the end of the drive - but not for much longer!!

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