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have planted a box hedge and have 20cm in front of it. I would like to plant something in there. Everyone has Aubrieta, so I want something different...

Ideally I want something white from 5-10cm high, evergreen.

I saw pratia pedunclata, but then read a review that it is very invasive and gets out of control. It was more white than blue!

I also saw some kind of creeping phlox, but no idea which.

If anyone has any deas they would be greatly appreciated. The box is 20m long and its next to paement and road. It gets full sun.




I would plant this, Geranium cantabrigiense 'Biokovo'... depending what you can afford as for a 20 metres run you would need a lot of plants, although these are easy to propagate, it would take a little while to build up otherwise... it's evergreen and makes a splendid ground cover with flowers about now for a few weeks...

there is a mauve version called 'Cambridge' which is equally fine...

Plant Iberis.....white candytuft.....white pinks or, if too tall white cheddar pinks.  Arabis comes in white flowers and also as a variegated form.  Thrift, Armeria Alba, is an evergreen mound producing short spikes of white flowers in spring and into summer. Liriope is an evergreen grass-like perennial, tough as old boots, producing short spikes of usually purple flowers in late summer but there is a white flowered form.  Nice plants.  Or white saxifrages...


Saxifrage are stunning.

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