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I bought a small rose bush in June with profuse purple flowers, which I planted in a container. I fed and water it regularly but all the flowers have finished and there are nothing but rose-hips and some very droopy leaves on it. So signs of disease on it. Help!


Do you know the name of it?  Some roses only have one flush of blooms, others will flower again later.  Some are prized for their lovely hips  

Thanks for your reply. it's called "Rhapsody in Blue" and is a floribunda rose. Hope that helps?


You need to dead head it to stop it putting energy into hips and encourage more flowers to form.   Treated like this it should flower from June through to the frosts but if left to itself it will produce just the one flush of flowers and then concentrate on its hips and reproduction.

You could try snipping off all the stems with hips and giving it a liquid feed of rose or tomato food now to see if it will flower again this year.


Absolutely agree Obelixx - and a lovely choice of rose - love that colour - trying to make room for it here .... a container might be the answer 

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