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Mystery Plants from inherited garden

Just bought a house with a flower garden, do you know what these are?

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..sometimes those seedling Buddleia's can turn out to be fine plants... more floriferous it seems to me, than some cultivated varieties... that promise a lot, but don't always deliver... I have been disappointed with some much heralded, pricey, garden Buddleia' 'Royal Red' and 'Lochinch'...

...I wonder if this will be in 'bold'...too...

The first looks like Cotoneaster - shrub

2nd  isnt close enough for me to make out clearly - but it looks like weeping veriety shrub -Weeping Willow? but not sure .

Third looks like Aubretia

Fourth looks like Primula - I know them as drumsticks

Fifth is Mimilus

Sixth looks like Buddlea

How fab, starting from scratch. i'm envious of your shed it looks great !!!

i have an old ornament that i dug up from underneath a border that was filled with all kinds of debris from the house when it was initially renovated about 20 years ago. We painted him and his little dog (he looks like he's hiking with his companion) and now they both live under my dwarf apple tree, they looks as if they belong there !!!

good luck with all your projects, there's a mine of information on this site.    

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