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Ecky thump saw it too late.  Nut got the first prize again   Uncinia unciniata rubra.  Love this in the winter.  For me it produces seedlings and they do vary quite a bit from almost bright red to dark maroon. 


Verdun, I thought there were three words in that plant name but everywhere I looked it was just the two. 

I guess I remember it cos it trips off the tongue so nicely.  And it makes me sound clever 


It does have a nice flow to it

But surely when you're as clever as you are you don't need to prove it


.I can't make my mind up whether I like it or not... it's not what I would call a bright plant.... it doesn't startle me... I think I'll divide it and mix in containers for the summer... for now, I think it will make a good foil for Spring bulbs.. yellow ones and other brightlings...that I have in the Greenhouse.... sorry..I'm thinking aloud here.... seeded in the driest part of my garden and was growing well there... with the barest of soil... mostly rubble...that would not be out of place in Fred Flintstone's 'Bedrock'....



It died out for me. Seeded about a bit but all gone now

I have one uncinia in front of a white hellebore....looks good I think.   It is though more impressive in winter and early spring but loses out a bit in summer to brighter things


I have them mixed with some white Nigella, which looks very nice and, the picture changes every year as I am not sure where the nigella will pop up.

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