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I inherited 2 unidentified pear trees that are probably 4 years old.  Last year they had 30 fruit each, big very yellow skined, which didn't ripen and remained on the tree completely rock hard. I eventually had to take them off the tree but non softened up unlike the fruit on 2 different trees.  Help!

Alina W

You may have left them on the tree too long - some pears are actually better taken off the tree green and allowed to ripen indoors.

Probably a silly question, but are you sure they're pears? The big, rock hard and yellow skinned description made me wonder whether they are quinces.
Moonlit Hare

they could be perry pears? We had some in our garden they where way to hard to eat but good for juicing and cooking....

they dont sound like pears ive got a confrence pear tree and i lift each pear up gently and if it comes off the branch i put them on my windowsill for two weeks and they are ripened

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