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I have this plant, it's been flowering magnificantly all summer but I'm not sure what to do with it now. Where shall I keep it over the winter and how should I deal with it in the spring ? Will it come back or should I take cuttings ?

Many thanks in anticipation.


It's not frost hardy so it needs to be indoors in a frostfree place - a cool windowsill in the house is fine if you don't have a frost-free greenhouse.

Just remove faded flowers  and just keep it on the dampish side of dry over the winter.  

In the spring you can re-pot and trim it back lightly to encourage bushy growth, and use the trimmings as cuttings so you'll have lots of Lord Butes to give to your friends or just to keep and enjoy for yourself - it's a gorgeous colour 

Many thanks Dove. Moving it from the greenhouse tomorrow into the conservatory. Can't trust the GH not to drop below 0 if the winter's bad.


Keep your eyes open for whitefly infestation.

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