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Kathleen Hewson


 Hi can anyone identify this plant please it was planted by the old owner of the house, for the past 2 years I've been digging it up but this year I have decided to let it flower but as you can see I'm still waiting. 


I do hope someone knows as I am curious too - it looks nice but it could be anything - will keep an eye on the post in the hope someone can help.

Send a picture when it flowers Kathleen.  It looks familiar intrigued now


It looks a bit like  a mullein. You'll have more idea if it sends up a flower spike(second year)

Are you digging the same plant up or are there new plants growing each year.? I grew mulleins one year. I composted them after flowering. I've had them ever since. Some I pull out, others I leave. The mullein moth caterpillar is really pretty. It feeds on the flower spikes.

Yes they do luck like a Mullein from the verbascum family and as fidgetbones says they can get attacked by the mullein moth caterpiller  so you end up with lacey leaves . You may have to stake it . looking forward to seeing a picture of the flower .

The other thing it looks a bit like is the Foxglove  ( Digitalis )



looks quite like a verbascum. The leaves and veining are right. Be interested to see whatit proves to be. Looks as though it's preparing to flower. Send us a pic when it does Kathleen

I agree, a verbascum. Probably yellow-flowered.

Kathleen Hewson



Just to let you all know its Growing well but not flowered yet fingers x it will soon xxx 


Kathleen Hewson

It's now 20 inch tall and when the dog went past it a leaf came off and it blends BLACK ?? don't know what that means but I will send a photo as soon as it flowers. 

Fidgetbones I have been digging up the sameone but not this Year xx 

It does look like a verbascum, hope yours is a " Banana Custard ".

This one has bigger flowers  and deep yellow too .

I set seeds this year for verbascum thaus. This one has small white flowers with a purple stamens . When their is a big group together it always reminds me of a "mist " looking forward to seeing the flower !

Kathleen Hewson


it's now over 5ft tall and yellow flowers and still growing  xxx 

o still don't know what it is called mind you anyone know ???? 


Absolutely a verbascum let it seed and you'll have them for years to come!

Hi. I had a self sown one in my garden this year and have just  scrapped it.  Growing nicely it was overnight "lacerated" by the grubs (counted 6 only) - looked a mess after that - should have left it for them I suppose but.they went with it so did not travel hungry. .

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