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My daughter sowed a random seed mix packet last year and this has cropped up from it again this year.  Is anyone able to ID it as I'd like to grow it for next year. 


 sorry they seem to be wrong way up but not sure it matters. 

Thank you for any help. x

Orchid Lady

I think it may be Candytuft.....I may if course be wrong so wait until someone confirms if I am right or not 


Way up is fine peanuts. Candytuft, an annual

Orchid Lady

Whoop whoop.....get me, 2 in one week 


oh brilliant thank you.  Need some more fluffy plants to fill in all the gaps in my beds.

Orchid Lady

I love Candytuft and grew some this year, I'm just going to leave it to self seed at the end of the summer. The Calendula self seeded from last so unintentionally I ended up with this combination but I think it's pretty so will just leave it do do it's thing next year 


That looks lovely Orchid Lady, 

Orchid Lady

Thank you, I think so, not bad for an accident and apart from deadheading I've done nothing with it 

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