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Hi Verdun.  CREEP.!.

Hi Salino - Berghill - all.    Ref Grim the Collier.   I always have and still do love cottage garden plants of all types and not only that I do so also love to read up on them and get to know something of  their histories, i.e. origins, date of arrival UK, also some of the little fables and stories which surround them, how they came by popular names ( very variable) etc. I hunted them up high and low from small ads and at the same time read all about so many of them in the books of Margery Fish which  to me still are ( amongst all the many  wonderful ones available)  the gardening books par excellence -  especially for my type of gardening.   Not only was I fascinated by the name but it does I read go back to the first Elizabethan days - apparently the name came from a popular play on the go at that. time.          I was always keeping an eye open for plants which would tolerate iffy conditions and this fitted the bill perfectly for a particular need I had at the time  -  slap under a large (more orange flrs)  Berberis Darwinii.  Yes it spread but did exactly what i wanted it to do, had a certain quaintness and charm about it as well - seemed to be steamrollering away and thoroughly enjoying itself - cant be bad for sure - perhaps a good lesson for life there??. Ref the name and what its all at just in case you do not know I will  tell what I read about it.  The Grim the Collier apparently did not come from the fact it was so boisterous but from the fact that the hairs on the stems and calix had black marks ( coal) at their bases. So now yer know and thanks for the interest.   Incidentally referring to plants and their histories I was so disappointed  amongst my first posts when I mentioned Gerards Herbal and also The Doctrine of Signatures -  nobody seemed interested. I have several books along these lines and i would always be hapopy to look any name up if requested to see what was said of it Just an example of a fable surrounding the Mandrake plant -  briefly It was thought to have magical properties and whils it was all OK to plant it to remove it from the soil was supposed to bring bad luck to the person that did it.  The answer was ( so I read) to loosen it in the ground, tie a rope onto it and tround a Dogs neck and let that pull it out It neglects to say what fate befell the poor Dog but there you go. Best wishes to all.

Keen...ho ho ho ha ha ha tee hee hee

Hi Verdun. I get by more than well with the gals using just my good looks, wit, charm, attention, care, respect, helpfulness, consideration, honesty, caring manner - on and on it goes  - no need for creeping or flattery- just being me is all thats needed.

Hi Salino.   Ref Devon. -  a lovely County. I know the Newton Abbot and Torquay areas well since I was at an embarkation Army camp there for a little while before going abroad  - again when I came back.  Got to love it and had a good look round it all.  Fond memories myself of Torquay and also Teignmouth  -  was only just 19 at the time but memory is still fresh.  Went back there a few years ago and Newton Abbot is apart from the ruination of the once lovely Market Square and a few closed roads very much the same.   Another cottage garden plants which I  liked and  got about I bought at the time was a Comfrey - grandiflorum (?) I think with  creamy bells - also a pretty yellow Monbretia which was given the name "Honey Angels". As I said always game for  a bang or even a pop !.


keen win!

Hi all.  Just a little "thorty" this.  It is ( unrequested) on behalf of all the good folk who start Topics and respond to Topics on the Site. Fair enough if you just want to read  what others say but may I just say this please.   All of us  -  all of you  -  have gardening experiences which are interesting and worth reading about so please don't be fright even if you are very inexperienced - lets all talk and lets also see these response numbers increase. Taking myself as just one example but it applies to all the the others who do the same  -  all of us in fact -  yeah I bang on a lot but I like to think I have a fairly interesting  song to sing. Thus having  this song to sing and putting my (our) hat/hats on the floor and singing them - be so nice to see a lot more coins thrown in.  Try putting  your hat down and sing  -  be good that.  This is a request entirely off my own back and is aimed entirely at increasing conversation.

But keen.....can't sing!  Only in the shower....

And ??ou are asking for our money too now......I'm careful  about throwing coins around.

And you want my hat too. Haven't got one.  Got some old socks though.

Dont want to stir but Fairygirl made me say these things



..I'm sorry you appear not to have the conversations that you are seeking Keen... perhaps, and this is only a suggestion, you ought to put yourself about a bit and join threads started by others..rather it may expect them to come to you, so to speak... although I'm not sure this forum is the kind of place for in depth discussions on plants...most times things are short and know...but I think people will talk about their plants, if you ask them...

... like you I'm not a great one for group talk.. group hugs and suchlike... 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 is my limit....

...Yes I've heard of Gerard's Herball...I meant to mention it before...although you can read all about it on Wikipedia.... one quote I can give you here though concerns Hemerocallis..a group that I always think is fairly modern, perhaps because it's beloved of Americans... but John Gerard was growing Hemerocallis fulva back in 1597...when he wrote his book...or rather translated a lot ot if from a Belgian botanist.. but never mind... this is what he had to say...

...''Those lillies do grow in my garden, as also in the gardens of Herbarists, and lovers of fine and rare plants, but not wild in England as in other countries.  They do floure somewhat before the other Lillies''....

..contrary to the views of some others, I do think they are classic high summer plants really, ... I love they way they are grown in the Queen's garden at Sandringham... probably pleasing her American visitors but bordering the lakes and by a stream...they look just right in large to water...

...yes I think we get the message that you've been a bit of a jack the lad in your time Keen.... I dare say we've all had our moments...



I think there's room for the short snappy comments as well as those keen clearly favours.  It depends on my mood at the time and prob the weather too..  Summer is such a busy time, one way or another, so I tend to write less then.

Dont  give up on us keen.  ...not yet.  save up some thought provoking topics for the autumn


And I find that the 'Talkback' sections are good opportunities for some more 'in depth' contributions 

The problem with 'in depth' is that I still have to leave here and go to work - for about 53 more working days 

Hi all. I have a strong feeling that my comments were totally misunderstood. I was not by any means making a case for just myself  -  it was an appeal above all ( I did mention all those that did post and start Topics).  It was a request/an encouragement to all those that do not post not to be perhaps apprehensive because of inexperience etc. but to join in and that they all have something interesting to say.   Verdun please do not set yourself up as the "camp comic" -  you know  perfectly well what I was getting at  -  I like a bit of humour but there was no humour intended in that post - reference to coins in the hat was or should have been obviously ref responses. Your comments are tantamount to ridiculing me and very sincere and genuine request to others - no offence meant there  but.I do like to say what I think. I have probably now upset the applecart a little here so perhaps the best thing might be to  go - just say.  .As for chat I have already said it is  not for me  - everyone to their own thing but I look for ongoing discussion.   Is it wrong to encourage others to join in because to me thats exactly what this and sites like it are all about - togetherness through conversation. Can we sort this pse.


..oh sorry if I misunderstood you there bother... keep talking about plants, it's what you do best.... too hot for anything else...

...I don't think Verdun meant anything untoward either, but he must speak for himself...

...I also think we all like to encourage others to join in, but not everyone has the time or's only a forum....

does anyone grow Hypericum 'Elstead'...?.it's just starting to flower and looking so good... I'm beginning to wish I had room for one...others of this group don't appeal so much....

Hi Salino. Good to hear you have an interest in plants their histories etc. Daylilies likewise are great plants to me. Ref the Jack the Lad bit that was not my intent - giving that impression about myself - I thought we were having a little joke ref bangs from a few natters back. ( remember the muddle?).

Hi all. Seems I am a bit of a square peg in a round hole here due a lot I think to myself being misunderstood.  Been nice meeting you - talking to and knowing you but I think its not for me. So best wishes to a great Site and lots of nice people. Sorry it did not work out.  Best wishes. Keen 1.



...yeah...all the best there Keen.... sorry to see you go ... I think it's always best never to say never know we might like to return for a natter someday... it's never to be taken so seriously I think....forums and's only a bit of banter...besides, you didn't answer my question about Hypericums...?...

Does that,mean after tomorrow you only have 52 days to work dove?  

Sorry if you do leave keen....we were getting some education there from you.  

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