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Silver surfer

Honeysuckle  have leaves opposite each other on the stem.

Your " weedy"  willow has alternate leaves!

It is definitely NOT honeysuckle.


Lavender Lady

I think there is a Honeysuckle lurking in there somewhere I also can see what looks like Jasmine leaves. 

Hey Rose Lady, was only thinking of you the other day and wondering how you are getting along with your garden.  It looks beautiful, I love the seating area, and we've had a beautiful summer to enjoy it as well. 


There is no honeysuckle there! If I were you I would get the spade out and dig up your 'invader' (- probably provided by a bird), before winter. Now is a good time to get another plant established while the soil is still warm and damp.It will also be easier to remove now than in the new year!

You could either purchase another honeysuckle of maybe something that will flower over the winter for you....a clematis 'Freckles' or 'Jingle Bells' if you would like a climber. Not knowing the site ans soil I won't suggest anymore but I do think it is time to move on...

Rose lady

Hey Lavender Lady! Great to hear from you. and thank you.


Yep ive definately got a jasmine growing next to it. Anyway youre all right, definately time to move on, and get something else in there...great idea guys.

Daintiness Ive got very heavy clay soil, however weve worked really hard to improve in over the last two years, and like LL im on a mission to screen off my neighbours houses. ( too much brick!!) I may go for Pyracantha or another honeysuckle or both


Sorry RL pretty sure it isn't damson.  Looked closer at your picture, leaves are right shape but not right formation. Nut right with willow I reckon.




good to move on Rose lady, a chance to try something new. I saw a honeysuckle in a friend's garden this summer. Called  'Scentsation', naff name, fantastic plant.


Rose lady

LOL cheers everyone...

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