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I wondered about aspen, but when I googled it all the bark looked like silver birch.

Jean Genie

Bunny - could it be a poplar ?

Similar shape.


Bunny ...
I didn't realise how hard it was to guess a tree , I shall be talking to it daily to encourage its leaves open

Hi Bunny, I'm willing to take a bet that it's a young birch. Google tree barks and view pictures. Be carefully talking to it, it might mistake you for Prince Charles!



Don't forget to give it a hug as well

Bunny ...
Hope it isn't another birch .... Already have 4 I'm going to be lopping trees down at this rate

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I meant Beech, not birch!

Bunny ...
...and 10 beech already no it isn't beech only think am sure of
chilli lover

Very good Geoff!

Definitely not a poplar - have one of those (previously 2 but one had to go) - the bark is totally different. Looks a bit like birch to me too.Post a photo when the leaves unfurl!

Bunny ...
Haaaaa Geoff very good

Will do to wait the Baltic north we may be a while waiting

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