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hmmm, Verdun -that should say something about have you posted pics of your grasses yet (not 'thou') !!


I can't reach the top of the conifers to cut them so thought I'd try a different approach...




Smashing haircuts- the owls look a bit worried though! 


They're just wondering if the rest of the tree on the right is going go fall down!




 The last lilies to open




Little ann, great sweet peas, wouldn't show a pic of mine, more canes than peas.

Lovely pics all, so nice to see real gardens and not tele / mag ones.


Mrs G - just laughed out loud !! Love a bit of quirkiness in the garden.

Kef - wonderful cardoon - just my colour.  As for the lilies - that really is a scorching pink !

Little Ann - great sweet peas - next year mine are going to look like that (she announced hopefully). Thats the great thing about gardens - there's always next year ...


MrsG Just brilliant made me LOL too.

Little Ann have never seen such exuburiant sweet peas!!!!! Do you have some secret formula to make them grow so tall and healthy?

Kef do those lilies smell as good as they look? Love the colour 

MrsG, will take pics of grasses.  Always forgetting.....I'm just a simple man!  Liked your conifer hedge.....brilliant imagination.  

Another canna opened a flower,today.  Bright yellow af a height of 7 or 8'.  A day in the garden at this time brings something new 


this is my most succesful year, a combination of lots of good manure and good weather we havnt had very strong winds this year,  and a new frame made by OH for them to grow up 


addict, they smell wonderful, and when you get too close they turn your fringe a glorious shade of orange.


KEF - all my hair is that colour !


Mrs G - your conifers reminded me of these fellas - mostly they just get ignored, but everynow and then someone notices them and does a double take !




Happy to bring a smile to your faces.

Chicky - love the first one! We looked into tree carving but too expensive.

Snap ! for the second one, on one of the apple trees.

Verdun wrote (see)  

Another canna opened a flower,today.  Bright yellow af a height of 7 or 8'.  

--- Hey Verdun did you see mine?   It's a purple leaved Canna Australia in the tree pic, between the crocosmia and peony,bottom left - don't forget your glasses!




Mrs G - the first one is not a tree carving - its a carved log we brought back from an Austrian holiday (5€ !) - it has just been strategically placed to blend in with its host tree


Chicky  perfect fit.


These are in flower now. I hope to save the seed. I think they came from a disastrous wild flower mix I sowed and have spent most of the summer trying to remove.

However I think these are little gems



They are very pretty. What are they ? poppies?