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Hi, i have been having a fair few ants on and around my cucumber plants. Was wondering would they eat them? I see no signs of this so far but Im cautious. Or could they be causing me any other problems? Thanks Natasha 

I had a red ants nest at the root of our cucumber plant last year. It did not seem to make any difference. Fruit were untouched and the plant remained healthy. 

Ants are known to farm aphids. They feed off the honeydew aphids excrete and in return protect the aphids on the plant. The ants may not appear to be a problem yet but aphids will be.


I get black ants in my greenhouse and use those small ant bait stations covered with a broken slate so it doesn't get wet.  Suppose you could sit one in cucumber pot for a short time as long as you don't wet it.

Ants do not eat cucumbers or plants Natasha


Hi Nat search semolina on here

thank you very much for your helpful replies. I shall now type in semolina and take a look Alan. That's a good idea with the ant bait stations, I shall keep that in mind kef. Thanks all. Natasha x 

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